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Our team with over 7-years of experience knows how to deal with the State licensing boards. We will complete the initial application, obtain source documents, and help you get your license in the quickest possible time. Our fee structure is practical and fair. There is no need to pay up to $750 with other services. And our superpower is that we have a full-service certificate management service on our Connect platform that organizes and maintains all your documents. Don’t put your livelihood and reputation at risk by going it alone.

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Nationwide Healthcare Provider Licensing Services


Doctor, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant

2 reviews for State Licensing Service

  1. Prakash Darji, MD

    I am really grateful for the service that was available to me through medtigo Licensing. With my busy schedule, I attempted to do this process myself, and was unsuccessful. The process itself is very time-consuming, and being in a busy position, I found myself giving up, and losing time and money. The medtigo Licensing team was able to keep me up-to-date on where the process was, and they even reached out to other licensing agencies to have verification done. I would highly recommend the service to anyone.

  2. Morris Rivera, MD

    I was infinitely relieved to be spared the hours of web crawling and document searching that State licensing often entails. medtigo Licensing identified all requirements, submitted the necessary forms, and directed me to the appropriate signature pages for final approval with minimal time wasted.

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